Underground Electrical Experts

Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd work force is extremely experienced in

  • installation and repair of all types of underground cabling
  • including high voltage, low voltage and public lighting.

Services –

Ø  Underground low voltage services i.e. Installations of pole to pits, pole to pillar
Ø  Service “T” joint to pit/pillar installations
Ø  Underground high voltage installation (Feeder and C.H.P to Kiosk Substation mains).
Ø  URD, Turn Key, Major Project Management and Constructions
Ø  Underground Cable detection and location
Ø  Project Management
Ø  Minor Project Design
Ø  Utility company pre design surveys
Ø  Prelim ground work for 0/H Constructions
Ø  Earthing and Stays
Ø  Pad mount Constructions
Ø  Communication installation, pit and pipe
Ø  Underground cable jointing and indoor/outdoor terminations
Ø  Cable spiking
Ø  Civil auditing
Ø  Electrical auditing

Accreditations –

Ø  Sp-Ausnet
Ø  United Energy

Long term contracts-
Ø  Tenix /United Energy
Ø  Tenix /Sp Ausnet
Ø  Jemena
Ø  Sp Ausnet Mt. Dandenong Hybrid Project

Equipment –

Ø  1.5 T, 2.5 T, 4 T, 5T and 7T Excavators
Ø  Compaction Equipment
Ø  Under Road Boring Equipment
Ø  Cable Hauling Equipment (winches and caterpillars)
Ø  Traffic Control (minor and major)
Ø  U/G Fault Equipment
Ø  Non destructive excavation suction trucks
Ø  Directional drilling machinery Vermeer D24-40, 1x D9-16
Ø  Tip trucks
Ø  Prime movers
Ø  Caterpillar cable pushers
Ø  Cable Winches
The geographical area covered by Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd can generally be defined as the entire Victorian area.  Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd also provides a 24-hour emergency service for civil, jointing component of fault detection and restoration works.