Mayberry Constructions - Past Projects

What is Non Destructive Cable Installation?

Mayberry Constructions are experts in the field of non- destructive cable installation. Non-destructive digging involves excavation using high pressure water. The debris and water is vacuumed into a holding tank.

Non-Destructive Digging

Non-destructive digging is a safe solution to avoid damage to existing underground infrastructure. It can be used in conjunction with traditional methods of underground boring and trenching to provide confidence digging in the vicinity of valuable assets.

List Of Past Major Projects –

Ø  November 2004 - LDL 24 Feeder
Ø  May 2005 – Wonthaggi Wind Farm
Ø  May 2005 – PHM 11 Feeder
Ø  June 2005 – NRN 11 Feeder
Ø  June 2005 – CLN 12 Feeder
Ø  Nov 2005 – LLG Tie Line
Ø  December  2005 – HMP 24-22 Feeder
Ø  Jun 2006 -  St Margaret’s H.V Upgrade
Ø  March 2007 – LLG PHM Exit Feeders and Tie line.
Ø  April 2008 – Bayswater Zone sub Exit Feeders.
Ø  October 2008 –Brow Top NRN-13 Feeders
Ø  November 2008 – Royston H.V Upgrade
Ø  November 2008- Canterbury H.V Replacement  
Ø  April 2009 - Spruce Dandelion Rowville H.V Upgrade
Ø  October 2009 - Officer Zone sub construction
Ø  January 2010 - Burra Foods Leongatha/Korumburra 20,000 m U/G install 
Ø  May 2010 – Golf Links Road, Upgrade U/G Network
Ø  June 2010 - BGE 21 Feeder
Ø  May 2011 – Pakenham Market Place H.V feeder
Ø  January 2012 – Cranbourne zone substation
Ø  May 2012 – Mornington main street United energy Tenix
Ø  Pole to pit agreement Beaconsfield central

Current minor works for Tenix United energy

Ø  Governor rd Braeside
Ø  Greens rd Dandenong
Ø  Latham rd Carrum Downs
Ø  Wedge rd Carrum Downs
Ø  Feeder DN-21
Ø  Mornington zone sub upgrade
Ø  Noble park zone sub upgrade
Ø  Sorrento Zone sub upgrade