ABOUT Mayberry Constructions

  • Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd
    is an industry leader in providing installation and repairs to all types of electrical underground infrastructure. Mayberry Constructions strength comes from its ability to complete works to an exceptional high standard within challenging time frames and location.

    Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd specialises in complex projects that are often deemed “impossible” by other companies. By utilising state of the art equipment and modern technology Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd embraces challenging projects.

    Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd work force is extremely experienced in installation and repair of all types of underground cabling including high voltage, low voltage and public lighting.

    Directional Drilling

    Mayberry Construction Directional Drilling Rigs can install the following types of PE conduit:

    • Communications
    • Electrical
    • Sewer
    • Gas
    • Water

    The size of pipe that SEQUD can install by directional drilling ranges from single 63mm conduit through to 14 x 140mm conduits through a single bore. We can also install single pipes up to 800mm in diameter, to a distance of 200m in a single bore.

    Our drilling team can install pipes through a variety of ground conditions, including through shale and rock. Horizontal Directional Drilling offers a low impact, cost-effective option to installing pipe under roads, footpaths, and driveways, without the need for open cutting the road or driveway surface.

    Mayberry Constructionexperts are fully equipped to tackle the most demand underground connection projectsand have a number of directional drills that enable us to complete the task at hand

    They are reliable, with large drill rods, high thrust and rotation torque, more than ample mud pumps and this makes them capable of installing all large P.E and steel pipelines.

    The focus of all Mayberry Constructions Pty Ltd employees to deliver beyond customer expectations has ensured steady growth since the company was formed in 1996 (formally Clint Mayberry Earthmoving which was established in 1989).